We organize zaffe for all occasions: weddings, birthdays, baptisms, first communions, fairs, and any kind of parties…
Zaffet Lebnen is known for its personal album made of different songs for the bride, groom, parents and the zaffe itself.
We always work on the development in ideas such as the red carpet, table for juice distribution on the welcome drink,
the tequila show in the middle of the wedding party, the “Venice” dance before the first dance,
and of course the progress work in the costumes colors and designs.

Zaffet Lebnen has several cake shows for example the parade,
Hawaii dance, Indian dance, Spanish dance, cowboy dance.

We have the fire show, barrel show and back and front flips (meaning the gymnastic work).
Zaffet Lebnen is able to give you anything you ask for and always works on keeping its client contented.